Blue hearts lead to a healthy heart

TOUR: Follow the hearts to learn about the heart...and the hospital Photo credit: Pixabay

TORREVIEJA Hospital has commemorated World Heart Day by encouraging visitors to take part in a healthy walk.

Signposted by a number of blue hearts, people can take part in a walk of 600 metres around the hospital building which is aimed at benefitting their bodies while at the same time reading some healthy tips along the way.  They will pass by signs featuring slogans such as ‘Walking at least 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of heart problems and increases life expectancy’, ‘eat five times a day’ and ‘drink two litres of water per day’.   Hospital professionals have calculated that repeating this circuit three times a day equates to the recommended 30 minutes.

The route, clearly indicated with big blue hearts also serves the purpose of showing people where important areas of the hospital are located without fear of straying into restricted areas.  It also shows the quickest ways of accessing the most popular departments’ people use as part of the out-patient services.

Walking at least 30 minutes per day reduces the risk of suffering from heart disease or a stroke by up to 27%, by controlling blood pressure, aiding the circulatory system, and lowering bad and increasing good cholesterol.  It’s also known to help diabetics and is good for bone structure and promoting joint flexibility.

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