British drugs woman caught by sniffer dog in Alicante

SNIFFED OUT: Hidden stash of marijuana discovered in routine check Photo credit: Policia Local de Alicante

A BRITISH national aged 25 has been arrested at the bus station in Alicante after being found to have drugs stashed in her suitcase.

She was discovered to have 11.6 kilos of marijuana hidden inside it and was discovered by a sniffer dog.

Members of the canine unit of Alicante’s local police were taking part in a regular patrol to prevent trafficking, possession and consumption of narcotics when the dog showed particular interest in one of the passengers and her luggage.

Police officers took the suspect to a separate room in the building and asked her to open the suitcase.  She said she wasn’t able to, claiming she’d lost the key and didn’t know the combination.

As the police suspected that the suitcase contained illegal substances; they opened it themselves where they located two heat-sealed plastic bags containing the marijuana all wrapped in individual packets and ready for distribution.

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