Busy summer for rescue services in Torrevieja

Busy summer for rescue services
Busy summer for rescue services in Torrevieja

THE LIFEGUARD service in Torrevieja has had a very busy time this summer.

Figures announced by councillor Javier Manzanares said that they had intervened 2,881 times during the summer season that lasted from June 1 to September 15.  A total of 242 people were rescued from the sea but it was emphasised that not a single person drowned during that time.

The data covered the beaches in La Mata, Los Locos, Playa del Cura and Los Náufragos and showed that more than 1,000 stings were treated and more tan 1,000 other injuries of varying degrees.  Lifeguards also saved the life of four people who suffered a heart attack while on the beach which saw one of them losing their life on the way to hospital.

Manzanares was saddened at the increase in the number of drownings along the coast during the summer but gave his own thanks to the skills of the lifeguards that there hadn’t been any in Torrevieja.  He also confirmed that the city were looking to increase the number of warning signs and also to extend the amount of time rescue service will be deployed in the future.  However, he asked swimmers to use their common sense to not go into the sea when there is obvious rough weather around.

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