Cannabis club gets locals on their high horse

Cannabis club gets locals on their high horse
SPLIFF WHIFF: Cannabis Club attracting concern from residents Photo credit: Flickr

A GROUP of residents living in Javea have made formal complaints about the Cannabis Club located in their area.

They are becoming increasingly affected and annoyed by the smell that is allegedly emanating from the premises which they say has been the case for the past five months since the place had been open.  They have been assured that the owner of the Club was looking to solve the problem but to date there has been no solution, with some locals saying that the smells are getting stronger and stronger.

Residents say that they have repeatedly warned the police that such a smell could cause problems to some, especially as many children live close by to the premises.  Those affected are keen to point out that they’re not against the activity. One said: “We’re not asking for the Club to be closed, but a solution to the current issues.  If a nightclub or a pub has to be soundproofed so as not to cause discomfort to the neighbours with noise, then this place should take similar measures regarding the smell.”

In addition, people living in the building above the Club say that for a few days during the week, their extractors are working 24 hours a day and thus are making noise during the time people are trying to rest and sleep.

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