Car death ‘not criminal’

Car death ‘not criminal’
Car death ‘not criminal’

NATIONAL POLICE officers have said the death of a man found under a car in Malaga is not suspicious.

The agents have ruled out a crime and instead believe the man’s death was accidental after he was found underneath a car in the Plaza de la Victoria.

Police are still investigating after finding the corpse last week.

A neighbour raised the alarm at around 9.30pm after finding the man underneath a car and initially thinking he was trying to find or fix something.  Passing by again a few minutes later, and seeing the man in the same position, he realised he was not moving and called police.

National and Local police attended the scene, as well as health workers who could do nothing to save the man’s life and declared him dead at the scene.

The police announced in a statement the circumstances surrounding the death are as yet unknown but they believe the man’s death was an accident.  They say they hope the results of an autopsy will establish what caused the man’s death.

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