Cartama water well below standards

Cartama water well below standards
Cartama water well below standards

AUTHORITIES in Cartama raised the alarm after local water supplies dropped to dangerously low levels. According to the town council, the wells are running scarce, and are at similar levels to those recorded in 2006 when the town council was forced to import water with tanker trucks.

The mayor of Cartama wrote a letter to the Andalusian regional authorities demanding that they take necessary measure to “ensure that the local population has enough drinking water”.

This is the latest in several reports sent from the council to Andalusia’s Environment Department warning of “a severe period of drought that is affecting the existing water resources”.

Andalusian authorities affirmed that the wells in the area are at minimum levels and the water could become unsuitable for human consumption if it does not rain soon. They claim that several districts, not just Cartama, may be forced to bring in water with trucks again if the situation doesn’t improve.  The Cartama town hall has been wary of water shortages since 2015 following a dramatic increase in the town’s population and has since urged the authorities to put more water-saving measure in place.

The authorities remarked that while they have been analysing the situation in Cartama, the council must also take out their own measures to help preserve water on top of any initiatives the Environment Department puts in place.

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