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CHECK OUT THAT GARDEN SHED Photo credit: Wikimedia

AN OVERWHELMING majority of people living in Spain will have their own garden, whatever the size, and every garden needs a faithful shed to store all those garden implements or act as an extension to their house. 

As another summer comes to an end, autumn brings a new set of challenges in the annual garden routine and now’s the time to check the shed contains all that’s needed.

  1. Clear out: Before a reorganisation can begin, start by completely emptying the contents of your shed onto the lawn or patio outside. This will allow you to reassess the size of the space you have to work with, and find forgotten items
  2. Start from scratch: Thoroughly sort through the contents of the shed, placing everything into groups such as tools, pots and planters, seeds and so on.

Get rid of any duplicates and decide which items in each group are used more than others.

  1. A place for everything: Keep each shelf well organised by using clear boxes to store the contents so you can easily identify what lives where. Try to use boxes with lids where possible to help keep out dust and insects.
  2. Green fingered: If you have space, placing a potting table or bench inside the shed will mean you can work on your garden even when it’s raining. Opt for one with at least two shelves to maximise storage beneath and try to keep the surface clear of clutter.
  3. Planning: Hang an annual planner on the wall of your shed so you can fill out the various garden tasks that need to be completed throughout the year.

Choose one with a wipeable board so you can write on when you last planted certain seeds or fertilised the grass.

  1. Magnetic magic: For small and lightweight metal tools, why not hang a magnetic kitchen knife strip on the wall to store things like screwdrivers, pliers and scissors? This simple solution means you can easily find what you need without rummaging through drawers or boxes, and it keeps sharp blades away from surfaces.
  2. Get creative: Make your own garden twine dispenser by punching a hole through the lid of a jam jar, placing a ball of twine inside and then pulling it out through the hole to stop it from tangling up.

8. Bright idea: Make sure your shed has a form of lighting for when you’re working into the evenings as the nights draw in. Solar-powered lights are an eco-friendly option or keep a battery-powered lantern or torch inside for emergencies

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