Court cafe vandal still on the run

Court cafe vandal still on the run
Court cafe vandal still on the run Photo credit: Max Pixel

A MAN was caught in the act causing damage to the terrace of a cafe located right in front of the Court building in Cartagena.  He is still being sought by the local police, although according to the owner of the cafe, it’s alleged that they weren’t unduly concerned by the incident when they were called to the scene.

According to the owner, Fátima El Hammoumi, the culprit started to break up plant pots and destroy everything he could find on the terrace.  “I arrived a little later that morning,” she said, “and one of the workers said that they noticed this man smashing everything around him.  He then noticed they were coming for him and he then ran away.”

She immediately called the local police but was disappointed when they allegedly didn’t even get out of their patrol car.  “They told us they would go and look for the vandals, but I knew they wouldn’t.  Their attitude was very disappointing,” said the cafe owner.

At the moment, it’s unknown what the motives are for this unprovoked act of vandalism which is believed to have caused around €3,000 of damage to the top quality plants and plant pots.

Assuming the vandal is found, the maximum fine for such a crime is set at between €301 and €600.

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