Denia Town Hall says ‘no’ to private school plans

Denia Town Hall says no
NO ROOM: There are only 800 residents in Jesus Pobre Photo credit Wikimedia

DENIA has rejected the proposed build of a 900-student private school in Jesus Pobre.

In a report, the town condemns the “serious environmental damage” that the school would cause to the 60,000-square metre proposed plot.

The project is one of the most controversial currently being discussed at the Town Hall.

Councillor of Town Planning Maria Josep Ripoll explained that the rejection was made on account of the damage that the school would cause to the surroundings of the Montgo Natural Park.

Ripoll also highlighted the infrastructural problems that the school would cause to Jesus Pobre – a small village of only 800 residents.

The project was rejected by the Town Hall last November but the verdict was appealed and the town has waited until now to give its final decision, having recently received second opinions from environmental technicians of the Generalitat.

Both the Eatim de Jesus Pobre and the neighbour’s association have been fighting for several years against the proposed build.

However, the school has the support of some opposition parties and especially the Cercle Empresarial del Marina Alta (CEDMA). CEDMA has always defended the generation of wealth that this investment would entail for the development of Jesus Pobre and Denia.

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