Divorce and separation rates above average

Divorce and separation rates above average
UP: Canary Islands only just beat Comunidad Valenciana

THE COMUNIDAD Valenciana has come out in second place across Spain when it comes to the number of divorces and separations, with the rates in Alicante and Murcia showing above the average rates.

The overall number of requests for dissolution of marriage registered in the second quarter of 2017 in the Valencia region was 3,646, according to data released by the statistics section of the Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).   This figure comes below those for the Canary Islands which have the highest level for every 10,000 inhabitants.

In percentage terms the Canary Islands were on 7.4 per cent and the Comunidad Valenciana very close behind on 7.39 per cent.  They were followed by Asturias (6.99), Catalonia (6.89), Andalusia (6.77), Balearic Islands (6.75), Cantabria (6.67) and Murcia (6.55).  The average throughout Spain is 6.44 per cent.

In Alicante, 1,274 cases of dissolution of marriage were filed during the second quarter of the year

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