Don´t take away the music: Late singer´s family battle on

Heyday: Lozano during his time with Los Iberos Credit: Wikimedia

ENRIQUE Lozano´s death has encouraged his family to continue his fight.

The family of the former lead singer of Malaga group, Los Iberos, have made a complaint to the SGAE (Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers).

Lozano, who died this year, learnt that the song he wrote Toda las noches quiero (Every night I want) was used by Puerto Rican singer, Yolandita Mongue, on a 1987 album that has sold more than a million copies, having gone platinum in the USA.

The album, which was nominated for a number of Latin Grammy awards, credits Lozano as a co-writer of the songdespite the SGAE having Lozano on record as the sole writer of it.

His family have made allegations of misappropriation, documentary misrepresentation, unfair administration and fraud for not having collected part of the copyright of the song.

Weeks before his death, Lozano travelled to Madrid to try and resolve the issue with the SGAE but they informed him that too much time had elapsed.

The SGAE claim that Lozano did receive payment for a second album by Monge which featured his song but the family deny this.

A settlement of copyright was sent to the family for €1,388 but Lozano´s death has spurred them to pursue the complaint.

SGAE confirmed that the song was written by Enrique Lozano but states that in order to settle the rights, the album must be licensed by the SGAE. As it was never distributed in Spain, they claim that they are unable to collect royalties for it.

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