€150,000 lighting saving for Mijas

€150,000 lighting saving
EFFICIENCY: 19,000 lights lights replaced around Mijas Photo credit: Wikimedia

MIJAS COUNCIL is set to save thousands by switching its street lights to LED bulbs on Avenida Andalucia.

The street’s 103 lights will now cost the council a negligible amount to run each year. Councillor for Energy Efficiency, Jose Antonio Gonzalez, visited the area, explaining, “with this plan we hope to not only save on energy consumption but also user cleaner and more long-lasting energy.”

The works costs around €20,000 but will see €150,000 saved over the next 10 years, according to the council.  Councillor Gonzalez explained, “this type of bulb has a 10 year guarantee and needsmuch lessmaintenance so in addition to saving energy we are also able to better use this department’s resources.”

These works come in addition to those already carried out by the area in La Murallaand Molino de Viento. Councillor Gonzalez explain “we want to carry on doing these upgrades not only in our squares and main avenues but eventually also in neighbourhoods, installing more of this clean and long-lasting energy source in the greatest number of areas possible in the municiaplity.”

The Department of Energy Efficiency explained the works have seen a total of 19,000 lights replaced around the municipality,  “from replacements LED bulbs, to repairs of faults or other types of work which require the input of municipal operators. The council thanks them for the work they do.”  He concluded by reminding residents they can report any incidents to the council who can then come and fix the issue.

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