€222,000 road improvements in Fuengirola

€222,000 road improvements
GREEN ASPECT: 18 Orange trees to be planted along the road Photo Credit: Pixabay

REMODELLING works have begun to Calle Ollerias in Fuengirola.

The whole road will be refurbished along its 170 metre length, from Calle Cruz to Calle Antonio Sedeño Cantos.

The Councillor for Works and Infrastructure, Jose Sanchez, announced work has already begun on one of the town’s central streets.  The town’s Mayor, Ana Mula, committed to the work following requests from residents.

Calle Antonio Sedeño Cantos was also recently refurbished at a cost of almost €576,000. Calle Ollerias covers a total of 1,100 square metres and will have all its service networks modernised. Councillor Sanchez explained the storm and sewage water networks will be doubled in size, while new electricity, telephone and gas networks will also be installed.  Around six new LED street lights will also be fitted so electricity bills will be reduced as well as the emission of greenhouse gases.

The road’s pavements will be widened to 2.4 metres to improve accessibility and a perimeter wall along the length of the road will be constructed.  In addition,18 orange trees will be planted out to give the road a greener aspect.

This project initially went to public tender for around €350,000 and an estimated completion term of 60 days.  After receiving several offers from companies a significantly lower quote was found.  According to Jose Sanchez if the works go to plan they should be completed within 28 days.

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