Endangered snake arrives in Terra Natura

RARE EXHIBIT: ‘Taylor’s Cantil’ brought in to help in reproduction programme Photo credit: Wikimedia

BENIDORM’S famous theme park Terra Natura has announced an addition to its poisonous creature’s exhibition hall.

The snake Agkistrodon bilineatus taylori, also known as the Taylor’s Cantil, is considered one of the most endangered species of reptiles in America due to the destruction of its natural habitat.

The specimen that has just arrived in Terra Natura came from the Zoo Aquarium in Madrid and measures 30 centimetres and weighs about 400 grams.  The male snake has arrived to complete a pair with a female exhibit that already inhabits the complex with the aim to achieve reproduction in captivity.

To complete the venomous creatures exhibition in Terra Natura and coinciding with Halloween, a separate display will feature two skeletons of Central American rattlesnakes and a moccasin copperhead which will remain as permanent features of the hall.  These skeletal forms will enable visitors to see the fangs and the lower jaw and appreciate how the separated jaw that is attached only to a muscle to allow it to swallow larger prey.   The rattlesnake skeleton shows the makeup of its tail and thus an intact rattle!

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