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EuroSat shop front

BASED in Torreblanca, Eurosat have been serving the Costa del Sol for over 16 years at the same location, providing TV, satellite and internet systems to expats and many other nationalities.

Having a showroom to demonstrate the latest TV and internet packages available, our potential customers can see before they buy. We also offer free advice without commitment, to make sure the best solutions are obtained. Many suppliers only work from home with just a mobile contact number. We are available from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday and cover Marbella to Sevilla.

Eurosat are well known for their keen pricing and to bringing prices down – having been the first company to offer a fully installed free-to-view satellite system at €199 when the market price was around €350.

We supply satellite or Internet TV for many nationalities and have a good reputation for installation of systems for caravans and boats.

You can contact Peter (who has been involved in satellite TV systems for over 30 years or Chris who is very experienced with satellite/internet and IPTV for over 12 years) on 952 661 456 or 952 661 956 our web site is or email [email protected].

Don’t be confused by seeking advice from the “guy in the pub” speak to the experts with knowledge and experience, who are there for you if you should have any problem or questions.

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