Extra public spaces to get life saving equipment

Extra public spaces to get life saving equipment
BETTER EQUIPPED: Elche to increase numbers of vital life savers Photo credit: Wikipedia

MEMBERS of the Ciudadanos (C’s) political party in Elche have given their approval of the initiative to install a number of defibrillators outside of the heath service.

This response follows the approval by the Valencian Government that obliges certain public spaces to make semi-automatic defibrillators – DESA – available that can be used in case of emergencies by non-health service personnel.

A spokesperson for the C’s group, David Caballero, said that it was important that this project comes into force due to the number of incidents that had taken place in recent years.  “It’s necessary to install more of these defibrillators so that any civilian who needs to intervene in an emergency situation can come to the aid of those in need and to follow the instructions from professionals over the telephone.”

Local police in Elche already have nine defibrillators in their vehicles which have been donated by several companies and by the family of a young victim.  Aichi Soler suffered a cardiac arrest and died during a football match on one of Elche’s playing fields, thus highlighting the potential lack of this life-saving equipment throughout the city.

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