Fighting breast cancer one bottle at a time

Fighting breast cancer one bottle at a time
PINK AND PROUD: Two of the eight pink recycling bins Photo credit Benidorm Ayuntamiento

RESIDENTS in Benidorm can now ‘go green’ and ‘go pink’ at the same time.

For the third year running, Benidorm City Council has teamed up with Ecovidrio to raise funds to fight breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. Symptoms include a lump or thickening of the breast and changes to the skin or the nipple.

Risk factors can be genetic, but some lifestyle factors, such as alcohol intake, make it more likely to happen.

A range of treatments is available, including surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

In Benidorm, eight pink recycling bins – specifically for glass – have been installed at four points across the city and for each kilo of glass recycled, the city will donate €1 to Fundacion Sandra Ibarra.

Fundacion Sandra Ibarra is a non-profit cancer organisation whose objective is to promote research and awareness in order to fulfil the dream that cancer can be cured.

Benidorm is one of 18 cities across Spain taking part in the initiative and the recycling bins can be found on Plaza SSMM Reyes de Espana, the section of Avenida Mediterraneo closest to Plaza Triangular, at the intersection of avenidas Bilbao and Alcoi and at the intersection of avenidas Beniarda and Alfonso Puchades.

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