Fuengirola U3A Autumn schedule

U3A Autumn schedule
Fuengirola U3A Autumn schedule

THE U3A has announced its October events’ schedule.

On Monday October 9, a course on opera begins at Lux Mundi in room B3-R4. Group leader Pat Shaw advises those planning to join his group screenings of opera and ballets will be shown at Cinesur until February 2018 and full information and tickets can be found at www.cinesur.com.

He explained while “such big screen shows can in no way replace the experience of attending a ‘live’ show, they have proved extremely popular worldwide and attending some would undoubtedly enhance Group Members’ enjoyment and knowledge of both Opera and Ballet.”

Seven meetings of the course are scheduled for the autumn term, with no classes on October 30 of November 6 and none after December 4 until January 8.

A questionnaire will be forwarded to students shortly after the end of the course to gauge demand for future courses on opera, ballet and theatre. A weekly questionnaire will also be emailed to all enrolled students after each class to deepen knowledge and appreciation of this art form.

Students are encouraged to give their answers to the course leader at the earliest possible opportunity and requested to be on time for each session. DVD screenings will start at 11am at every meeting.The DVD shown in the first Class is about an American Soprano, the second about a male Spanish Singer and the third about a female Greek Singer.

Other upcoming University of the Third Age talks include a lecture on one of China’s largest contributions to science and technology, gunpowder, on October 11 at Lux Mundi room B3-R4 from 11am to 12.30pm.  The same venue will be hosting a talk on the history of rail transport in Andalucia on October 17 from 11am to 12.30pm, while a debating group will be meeting on Wednesdays from 1pm to 2.30pm in room 3-2.

On Wednesday mornings a series of talks on science and technology will take place at Lux Mundi room B3-R4, beginning with a lecture on science and the law on October 25, which will explore how science is used to convict and sentence offenders.

The group’s president, Brian Robinson, explained the organisation had had a successful summer with the addition of a new social group made up mainly by residents and hosted by Vice President Rob Edwards.  A new website has also be launched at http://u3afuengirolacostadelsol.com/ and an expanded programme of courses and events are planned.

Brian sent a message of thanks to everyone who had a hand in two successful registration days.  More than 260 people registered for courses in just two days and it looks like membership will exceed last year’s record number.

Access to the group’s news, Prospectus, forms and programmes of events and courses are available via Facebook and the new website. Brian explained, “a warm welcome awaits those who have already joined and those who will do so in the coming weeks.”

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