Fuengirola’s food handling courses for the unemployed

Fuengirola goes allergy free
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FUENGIROLA COUNCIL has announced it is running a food handling and allergy awareness course for the unemployed.

Carmen Diaz, Councillor for Promotion and Development, and Ricardo von Wichmann, Councillor for Employment, explained the course will be held on October 30 and 31 with room for 15 students.

The workshop, which will be taught in a classroom of the third floor of the Mayor’s office in Los Boliches, will run from 9am to 2pm each day.  The requirements for those wanting to take part are to be registered in Fuengirola and be enrolled on the Municipal Employment Exchange.

The Council explained the course is designed to improve training amongst the unemployed, offering them their Food Handler qualification as well as training them about allergens.  It is hoped the workshop will improve the CVs of those attending, as well as giving them the necessary qualification for working in certain jobs in the hospitality and food sectors.

The course will provide students with the knowledge and skills for handling food, as well as teaching them the appropriate hygiene techniques to prevent contamination and prevent allergic reactions.  It is hoped the qualification will allow participants to gain jobs in catering, nursing homes or school canteens.

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