Murcia parks and gardens inspections

CAUSARINA TREE: One of the many examples of plant and tree life. Photo credit: Wikimedia

THE parks and gardens department in the city of Murcia are continuing to carry out a review of more than 600 different types of plants and trees located in the municipality.

The latest series of inspections were carried out earlier this week in La Glorieta by experts that carry a European accreditation to be able to examine each specimen and recommend a plan of action according to their specific needs.

Each tree is looked at in fine detail, with the overall structure examined to check that no branches have died – or are about to – or have overgrown to the extent that they pose a danger to people, property and vehicles in Murcia.  If such problems are discovered, an immediate report is made to the department responsible and any repairs or restoration is carried out.

An example of some of the 600 specimens found in the municipality of Murcia include the causarina trees in Luis Fontes Pagán, the elms of Beniaján and the banana trees in Monteagudo.

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