Grant received for year-long repair work

Grant received for year-long repair work
Grant received for year-long repair work

THE MUNICIPALITY of Dolores has announced that work is already underway to repair the damage caused as a result of the heavy rains during November and December last year.

This is possible thanks to a grant of aid from the Valencian Government to Dolores amounting to a total €1,266,686.49.  Dolores will have to pay €33,516.09 of that amount.

The announcement was made by the Mayor of Dolores who thanked Valencia for their financial help which is the highest grant made to any municipality under their control.  However, he did criticise the lack of passion offered by the Alicante provincial government which, despite the high level of damage suffered in Dolores, hasn’t allocated a single cent towards the work required.

It’s reported that the complete programme of work will take one year to finish and those concentrating at repairing the badly damaged drainage systems, accounting for the bulk of the budget, must be completed within six months.

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