Guide dogs to be allowed in hospital

ACCESS FOR ALL: Guide dogs may be a regular site in Torrevieja Hospital Photo credit: Flickr

GRUPO Ribera Salud, the managers of the Torrevieja Hospital have announced a series of special measures aimed at patients and visitors with a wide range of disabilities or mobility issues.

The plan aims to offer what they describe as ‘universal accessibility’ to an estimated 10 per cent of people that use the hospital that will improve the experience of these patients during either a temporary or longer stay.  This includes, for the first time, guide dogs to accompany their handlers, consultations conducted in sign language and a friend or relative to accompany them in the emergency department in extreme cases.

Other objectives of the plan are to minimise the length of time disabled patients need to wait between arriving at the hospital and being seen by the consultant, by adapting the schedules of the health professionals accordingly.

A special training programme has been developed aimed at the consultants and staff to guarantee the success of this plan of care, and the hospital has already carried out an information campaign through a series of leaflets in the main zones of the centre dealing with patient admission.   Local institutions and associations dealing with people with disabilities or mobility issues have also been informed of the initiative so they can pass this on to their members.

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