Hackers arrested for €85k fake email address fraud

Hackers arrested for €85k fake email address fraud
PIECE OF CAKE: The hackers post as the CEO with an almost identical email address Photo credit Pixabay

FOUR people were arrested for defrauding a Valencian company of €83,000 after hacking its computer system.

Agents of the Alicante Guardia Civil’s Technological Investigation Team (EDITE) investigated the case, involving a company headquartered in Banyeres de Mariola.

They found that two Nigerian men had hacked the company’s computer system to obtain a list of its clients, before posing as the CEO with a fake email address almost identical to his real one and emailing the accounts department, authorising payments to clients but providing different bank account information.

The bank account information provided by the Nigerian men posing as the CEO was not their own, but instead belonged to a 38-year-old Colombian resident in Valencia and a 52-year-old Spaniard living in El Alamo (Madrid).

The Nigerian men used the Colombian and the Spaniard as mules, paying them a small percentage of the funds received from the company.

When arrested, the men explained that the Nigerian men had persuaded them to open the bank accounts as they themselves were having problems with the Treasury and they needed to collect the money.

As soon as money was transferred in the mules’ accounts, the Nigerian men ordered them to withdraw it immediately and bring it to them in person.

The two Nigerian men, 42 and 50 years old and residents of Alcorcon and Aranjuez are charged with felony bank fraud to the sum of €83,690.

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