Health concerns over internet addictions

SLOW DOWN: Mental health unit urges more ‘me time’. Photo credit: Pixabay

THE Mental Health Unit at the Elche Vinalopó Hospital has warned of the dangers of the internet in the work place.   It’s concerned that with individuals always wanting to be connected to the outside world via cyberspace; it’s leading to more and more cases of stress and conflicts in the workplace.

Head of Mental Health, Jesus Mesones, said that the benefits of new technologies that allow people to “always being connected online” can be a double-edged sword.  This is particularly the case when a person is part of a WhatsApp group connected with where they work. “You’ve hardly opened your front door after a day’s work when you get a notification from the boss telling you what’s required for the following day or asking questions they forgot to ask you during the day,” he observed.  “Customers that have your mobile number may also contact you out of hours.  You can never completely switch off from work.”

Mesones is encouraging workers to wind down at the end of the day and spend time “recharging the batteries” to slow down the noticeable increase in the amount of people ending up visiting their GP or, even worse, spending time in hospital due to stress related conditions.  “These examples have exploded recently,” said Mesones. “If something isn’t done soon to remedy the situation, we could be seeing more serious cases in the future.  More people should simply learn to say ‘no’ if work is taking over their leisure time and simply disconnect in more than one sense.”

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