High demand for tram service

TRANVIA: Attracting exceptional levels of passengers Photo credit: Wikimedia

SINCE its launch in May 2011, the demand for the TRANVIA tram service that operates in Murcia has grown to exceptional levels.

In its first six years, the total number of passengers that have used this particular mode of city transport has broken through the 26,000,000 barrier, and has gone from 3,000,000 in the first year of operation to 4,900,000 this.

TRANVIA manager Severiano Arias has pointed out that the extension of Line 1 to El Carmen and El Palmar has revolutionised the way many people move around Murcia and has allowed for better access to the Arrixaca Hospital and Urbanisation Montevida located between El Palmar and La Alberca.

For September 2017, 414,320 passengers used the tram compared to 395,539 for the same month last year.  This shows an increase in use of five per cent.  For the year 2017 as a whole so far, there has been a growth of six per cent with 3,481,230 travellers and it’s expected that the 5,000,000 mark with be exceeded by the end of the year.

The majority of the tram passengers are students and workers using the business areas of Juan Carlos I and university campuses, as well as nearby shopping centres but it is increasingly being used as a form of transport to attend leisure venues.  This is shown by the fact that the popular cinema discount day on a Wednesday has registered a spike in users thanks to an agreement between the tram operators and Cinesa.

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