Horoscopes – 20 October 2017

Horoscopes - 20 October 2017

IF It’s Your Birthday This Week: Be honest and straightforward and have the grace to accept all offers of help this astrological year. This is a time for connections and friendships, and you deserve the very best this time around!

Aries:  Put things on hold this week as Mercury sextiles Saturn and you need some time to think about plausible solutions. This temporary delay may mean that something can be eliminated whilst you realise that it is impossible to make everyone happy, even in the long run. Enabling Mercury is stifled by negative aspects of Saturn.

Taurus:   Mercury enters into your opposing sign of Scorpio and it is high time that you find new ways of promoting yourself, whilst eliminating fear in this process. You are far more than you think that you are, and you should see this as a time to discover your many talents; and to get a better feeling for whatever it is that comes next.

Gemini:  The opposition with Kora sees Mercury working overtime across the Cosmos this week. Opposites can attract and it is high time that you let bygones be bygones and insist that your side of the story is told, even if there are those who do not wish to hear it. If the truth hurts then it is a reflection on the better part of the truth you uphold.

Cancer:     Tongues would appear to be wagging and the safety of your shell should not, however, be an option right now. Though you hate confrontation there are things that now have to be told, as things are out in the open at last. You will feel better for the chance to clear things up; as the Sun opposes Uranus this week your luck changes for sure.

Leo:  The Sun sextiles Saturn midweek bringing you a chance to get the green light on something you are waiting for. Though you have not really worked out the mechanics

of the project in hand you are putting trust into good hands, and your intuitive energies will combine to make it happen when the time comes; which is anytime soon!

Virgo:   Taking responsibility has allowed you to show to others just what you are capable of right now; and that you are not to be messed with. The Mercury opposition with Uranus sees that there may be an ulterior motive to a recent request. Thought you love to say yes, be careful that this situation is not what it appears to be on the surface.

Libra:   Time and experience have left you wondering what can come next. The past few weeks have seen you trying to tune into something that you have specific problems with. Venus enters midweek and brings about a change of mind that sees you facing up to things and making a sudden decision that will make all the difference in the World!

Scorpio:    Mercury enters and seems to be in a mood to activate channels of communication on your behalf. Just lately you seem to have been putting things off, and this week sees you participating in something which helps you break the ice. You are open to offers and inspired that you may now have all you need to see yourself safely through.

Sagittarius:   Stubborn energies have allowed you to see something through, but now they urge you to just walk away now. You have done more than you thought that you could, and you have surprised even yourself, but the time has come to say goodbye, once and for all. The Mercury conjunction with Jupiter guides you in the right direction.

Capricorn:  It is a benevolent Saturn that shapes up to both the Sun and Mercury this week. Despite your own problems this week, you are going all out to help where you know help is needed. Whilst Mercury urges you to speak your mind so too does the Sun shine on the current proceedings, bringing an unexpected blessing in disguise!

Aquarius:   You are impulsive and reckless this week. It is high time that you enjoyed some time to yourself, particularly after the actions of the past weeks. You are beginning to see a new horizon and possibilities will come back to you, even though you rejected them in the not too distant past. Charge your energies, look before you leap!

Pisces:      Cosmic energies inspire you this week, and your psychic powers are aroused to investigate something that doesn’t seem right somehow. As an ambassador of the truth, and a bringer of light you are bound to shed some light on what really happened; allowing that the true story be told, and all consequences taken into consideration too!


Kenny, my Mother has just left us after a three day stay. The whole family are suffering as a result because she is so negative. What should I do?
Hege T.

Hege you have to talk to your mother, because this is unacceptable behaviour, and it is affecting your entire family. Tell her that what she is doing is unkind, and that the whole family is suffering. She needs to know the affect she is having, and it needs to be made clear that until she changes her ways there will be no more visits for her! As the spiritual person you are you have been too generous in accepting your mother’s negativities. Putting her in touch with your feelings is the best way that you have to help her to heal her ways, so please……. don’t be silent anymore!

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