Horoscopes – 27th October 2017

Horoscopes - 27th Oct
Horoscopes - 27th Oct

IF it´s Your Birthday This Week:    A busy year approaches, and you are now more in control of immediate wants and needs. Be specific in your actions and work from within to reveal the many talents that are hidden inside you. Get your act together, be yourself!

Aries:  The Mars ingress into Libra brings both calm and sensitive solution to an escalating problem. It may be hard for you to react the way you really have to this time around; but above all peace and reconciliation are the keynote right now. Take time to say what you have to and be absolutely frank in revealing your true feelings. After this you can walk away if you feel you need to.

Taurus:  The Sun embraces Scorpio this week, shedding light energy just when it is needed. It is a good time to take a gamble on something, though it mustn’t undermine your essential security, nor interfere with the recent plans you have been making. Much of what is really going on right now could pass you by, and you deserve that break that will adequately showcase your talents!

Gemini:  Expect a boost to your creative and sensitive energies this week as Mercury trines with Neptune. Whilst this will activate your significant psychic powers so too will it enhance your intuition, helping you better to gain new skills and see the bigger picture that you are now definitely a part of. How you interpret your skills will result in the joyful blessings you give to others.

Cancer:  The entry of the Sun in Scorpio brings with it artistic inspiration and you’ll feel the need to take a break away to somewhere special to you. Spend time with yourself and look within to see that all around you there is awake up call for what is coming next. Believe in yourself and become a part of the future that knows how to treat you right and opens your eyes!

Leo:   The Sun is in Libra until the 23rd of October forging connections and expanding your great curiosity. Seeds planted now will come to bloom over the months ahead. Mars is settling into Libra, and what should be coming from you now is the lion’s roar, not a mere whimper. Jupiter enters into Scorpio, ruler of your fourth house of home and family bringing emotional stability.

Virgo:  Health and vitality are a good focus in the weeks ahead. Take advantage of your boosted energy and conserve enough to see yourself through a very busy time, with twists and turns especially affecting your work schedule. You will find that you can have your cake and eat it too, if you just play your cards right this week; and acknowledge that this is a productive time for you!

Libra:  The Lunar Eclipse earlier this month has affected your relationship somewhat; and now it is time to take decisive action. A strong partner will be at your side and see you through right now, whilst anyone who is finding it hard to understand your specific needs right now, needs to run a mile! The single Libran may find that love they seek, but do have a plan up your sleeve!

Scorpio:  Jupiter enters for a long stay! Chances are coming to work on the advancements you seek enabling you to express yourself more freely. Finance and business bode well too. Initially when the Sun enters your sign on the 23rd the result could be mixed, but that part of you that craves just needs more time to work together with you at ringing in those happy changes.

Sagittarius:  With the Solar Eclipse out of the way,this week it is your spirituality that is under close scrutiny. You are changing your beliefs and discovering new and exciting facets of your own emerging spirituality; and learning to apply this all across the board to back you as you embark on this, your spiritual journey. Take a good look at aspects of income and finance however!!

Capricorn:  It is Mercury that inspires you now that barriers such as the Mars transit have been knocked down, done and dusted! The boost to your personality and your self esteem should see you looking around for new directions and adding new and inspiring friends to your address book. The Sun conjuncts Jupiter and this is the zenith of well being and the root of happiness you deserve.

Aquarius:  The Libran new moon sparks reaction and spurs energy that you may have thought you had lost for ever. On October 26th the Sun and Jupiter annually conjunct bringing you a great time to sell yourself and all that you have to offer. Aim high!It’s time things got back to basics and that you became a better part of what the immediate future really has in store for you.

Pisces: You’re affected greatly by the many conflicts in the World today. Any changes this week are to be seen as working with you, but you may not immediately twig what they are all about! Now finances have been talked about and actions taken there is more stability. Friends can involve themselves in your fiscal endeavours if you want them too, or be there to guide you along the way too!


Kenny, my daughter cries every night that I put her to bed in her room. This doesn’t happen when she stays the night with my Mother, or in any hotel room….just in her own very comfortable crib in her room! Is something wrong?

Marjie De W.

You are concerned so let’s be practical and clean your daughter’s room spiritually. Firstly wash all the floors with fresh mint steeped overnight in a bucket of water. You can safely use this water to wipe down all spongeable surfaces too. Open all windows and say that any presence has to leave the home now. Be firm!  Close windows. Light a candle in the room to enlist that the Angels protect this room with light and love. Burn a light incense, such as lavender, and allow the cleansing vapours to wrap love energy and protection all around the nursery. Let me know if you need any help with this and I will come to do a home visit if you need me.

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