Horoscopes: 6 October 2017

Horoscopes: 6th October 2017

IF it’s your birthday this week: There is a strong call for you to journey this astrological year ahead. Whilst you can and will fulfill many dreams so too can you better see just where you are and where you should be, as they are not the same place, and they should be!

Aries: Mars squares up to Saturn midweek, bringing a delay to your current agenda, that just may work well for you. Whilst there will be time to cross your t’s and dot your I’s for sure, there is something missing right now that needs to be included. Others have chipped in to have their say, but in the long run it is you who makes the decision!

Taurus: Your inner you is a vehicle for the impression that you currently send out. The Sun conjuncts Mercury in a combust action astrologically, and this may very well bring about a break in communication that may see others with their fingers in their ears. Whilst you are pressured, a blind spot has been located needing your tender love and care.

Gemini: Ruling the Third House as you do, it is high time to be both perceptive and aware to the logic you need to get what you need this time around. Something has to be contested and your written word is required to affect this. Mercury currently squares Pluto and even though you feel you have all the time in the World, start the process now!

Cancer: The Full Hunters Moon nears, to celebrate the energies of the magic of Autumn. This brings with it a need to clear and cleanse aspects of your life to get your house fully in order. Start by space cleaning and removing any unwanted or hoarded items from your life, because then, and only then can you love, even more, what is left.

Leo: Aspects of fiery passion see you centre stage and in combatant mood! Due to the many planetary actions abounding in the Cosmos,it is a matter of the heart that has your undivided attention right now. Expect the challenge that you need, and remember that if you do take a look within yourself, you may actually like what you see!

Virgo: Mercury bonds with Neptune this week and panders to your nostalgia as elements of the past are clearly brought back to you, one way or another. Mercury rules the sixth house of advanced knowledge and the acquiring of skills. Neptune bids you look further than the front of your nose to find out what’s out there for you!

Libra: Mercury hosts events this week, as you need to sharpen up considerably your skills of communication. Many people think that you get hold of the wrong end of the stick, but the inanimate energies of Librans mean that they have to be totally sure of everything in favour of maintaining the tuned in equilibrium they always need.

Scorpio: The entry of Jupiter into Scorpio brings a blitz on all aspects of finance, as a corner is developing. There seems to be a current dispute over money, and the financial obligations of those around you. Somebody is not contributing and they very well could be. We all have bills to pay, but check yours out for accuracy, and sign nothing!

Sagittarius: Venus backs a project you are putting your life and soul into. The actions midweek with Uranus can be seen as the backing you need to get this show well and truly on the road. You have started and now you must finish. Where all this goes is up to you, but above all such a labour of love needs some recompense and reward!

Capricorn: Both Venus and Mars square up to Saturn this week. This double whammy brings mixed results, but at least serves to keep you on your toes for a while. Both bring blessings to you, in disguise, and they spark your confidence to be enabled enough to see things from vastly different angles. All that glitters is not gold, and never was!

Aquarius: Venus flirts with Uranus as together they bring in opportunity and new horizons. This is a message to follow your heart over something that has pricked your conscience. It is sure to say that you will always do the right thing for others, even if you can be seen to be cutting off your nose to spite your face! Think of yourself for once!

Pisces: Cosmic energies open your highly charged psychic centres this week, as you are waiting for answers and that green light to come. Balancing things is not easy these days, and there always seem to be new priorities and significant delays when it comes to fulfilling your true aims, wishes and desires. Focus, have faith and trust.


Kenny, I was at the side of my grandmother as she lay dying last month. I have to tell you that when she was passing she was looking above us, smiling at something we couldn’t see, and for a minute she seemed so contented and happy! I felt something I had never felt before, and I can’t fully describe it.

                                                                                  Mia I.


Hi Mia! Thank you for sharing this with me. I too have been present at many passings; and your experiences at the death of your grandmother are fairly typical of someone about to embark on an exciting journey to the Spirit World. She most probably was looking above because she could see her Guide and Guardian Angel. This Guardian Angel was responsible and oversaw her birth; fulfilling a lifetime promise to be there to escort her to the Spirit World, when that time came. It came and you were there to witness it!

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