Hospital teams train for emergencies

Hospital teams train for emergencies
Hospital teams train for emergencies

A NUMBER of health professionals from across every department at the Orihuela Hospital have taken part in a simulation of an emergency accident situation.

The exercise was to improve the preparedness of those dealing with an emergency that involves multiple victims.  The course, with a mixture of practical and theory covered as many of the treatments available in A&E such as dealing with clearing of airways, paediatric injuries, CPR techniques and an update on a number of diagnosis techniques.

In order to make the training as realistic as possible, those taking the course in collaboration with the SAMU ambulance and paramedic service simulated an accident with multiple victims.  Such re-enactments allow students to experience as close to the real scenario as physically possible but allow them to learn from any mistakes they may make at an early stage of their training, and prepare them for dealing with genuine emergencies in the future.

Thanks to this training the health professionals, in addition to being able to act in an environment away from the hospital are also trained in dealing with any situation in the A&E department, operating theatre and observation units.

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