How dirty is your casa?


FORGET the Spring Cleaning which was a regular task when people lived in the UK.  After another Spanish summer which has probably seen many hibernate in their villas and apartments with the air-conditioning full on, more time has been spent indoors and left a feeling of being ‘lived-in’.  Many would’ve had visitors and many are perhaps returning to the Costa Blanca to find the results of a season of holiday rentals. 

While nobody wants extra tasks to add to the cleaning to-do list, there are a few jobs to do every now and again to keep homes in tip top, germ-free condition.

Here are 10 things that appear, on the surface (!), to be obvious, but you might just be forgetting to clean around your home:


  1. Between and under the sofa cushions: anyone who has luckily dug up a handful of euro coins from down the sofa will know what an Aladdin’s cave it can become down there.
  1. Under the fridge is a magnet for dust, crumbs and those odd specks of dirt we conveniently kick out of the way when we’re cleaning the floor. Take care and ask for help if you need it to move the fridge slightly to one side and then get under there with a dust pan and brush and a damp cloth.
  2. Hairbrush: you use your hairbrush on wet hair, dry hair, dirty hair, clean hair and for singing in front of the mirror, so make sure it gets a thorough clean every now and again.
  1. Doorknob and switches: consider how many people touch your doorknobs in a week or a month and where those hands might have been and you may find yourself scrabbling for the disinfectant. Just a microfibre cloth dabbed with some disinfectant will do the job in no time.
  1. Pillows: you lay on them every night and no doubt clean the covers regularly but it’s often easy to forget to wash the actual pillows.
  1. Under the bed: it’s just above where you sleep so it’s important to make sure that the space under your bed is clean, especially if you or someone in your family is prone to allergies.
  1. Sink drains have all sorts of things hurled at them including bits of last night’s dinner so they can easily clog up. Keep them clean and flowing by pouring down a couple of spoonfuls of baking powder and then letting the hot tap run for a bit.
  2. Your rug can harbour lots of bits and bobs, from nails to pet hair to the back of that earring you lost last year so it’s a good idea to Hoover it regularly and get it properly cleaned about once a year.
  3. The remote control is worryingly one of the dirtiest things in your house so be sure to disinfect it or give it a wipe down with a wet wipe.
  1. Your landline phone can alarmingly become home to more germs than your toilet seat so give it a good wipe down (receiver and all) before you take that next phone call.
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