How to choose wallpaper for painting

How to choose wallpaper for painting
How to choose wallpaper for painting Photo credit: Pexels

THERE are various types of wallpapers that are suitable for painting.

Lining paper
Lining paper helps to cover defects in the walls surface, providing a smooth and even finish for the wallpaper to be applied onto. If it is being used to line the walls in preperation for a finished paper, the lengths are hung horizontally, this prevents the joins in the lining paper from matching up with the joins in the wallpaper, which is hung vertically, thus preventing the paper peeling on the joins.
Lining paper comes in different grades from 400 to 1200 or more, the higher the number the better the quality and weight of the paper.

Wood chip
This is a budget paper consisting of small pieces of wood sandwiched between two layers of paper. The thicker grades are easy to hang and provide good coverage for rough or uneven surfaces but it is not easy to trim to length and can prove difficult to remove. The thinner grades of wood chip are difficult to hang and are easily torn when wet.

This paper is imprinted with a raised pattern and comes in lots of different designs. It is easy to hang and provides good coverage over rough surfaces, again the thinner grades can tear when wet.

Textured vinyls
These have a deep embossed surface pattern that makes them ideal for covering uneven walls, they are also hard wearing which makes them suitable for heavy traffic areas such as hallways and children’s bedrooms. Some have nice delicate hints of colour so don’t need painting, but you still have the option to paint over if necessary. These are very easy to hang but are usually a little pricier than relief papers.

These are heavy duty wall coverings that will cover uneven surfaces and they are extremely hard wearing. Make sure you read the instructions before buying, as some have special requirements and techniques for hanging, also they are usually more expensive than most wallpapers.

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