Is your house ready for winter?

Is your house ready for winter
Is your house ready for winter?

EVERY year it pays off to make sure your house is ready for winter. 

After the cold of last winter that ‘preventative and remedial action’ might be more vital than ever. Call in your local plumber to check for cracked pipes and fractured water courses.

Loose or missing tiles, for example, may allow rain water to penetrate loft spaces leading to dampness and even cases of rot. Left too long these can become major problems that are expensive, intrusive and time consuming to fix. Call in your local builder to check the condition of your roof whilst the sun is still shining.

In the same way, it’s a good idea to check the condition of ground level drains around a building. If these are clogged with leaves, debris or weeds the resulting blockage of water flow could be the source of problems including damp and in worse case scenarios, even subsidence! But never fear, there’s no need for you to get your hands dirty when you can call in your local drainage specialists to give your drains a once over.

If you’ve enjoyed a summer full of visitors, there’s a chance you might want to spruce up the inside of your home again – when was the last time you replaced your bedlinen? Plain sets for guest rooms can be picked up from your local store relatively cheaply and whilst you’re there, you might want to splash out on a plush set for yourself.

If your curtains have seen better days, why not pop down to your local curtain store and browse the range of textiles? Depending on how much you’re looking to spend, you might opt for a bespoke, made-to-measure pair or you might prefer to browse the range of readymade pairs.

Into the kitchen and a domestic oven takes a lot of flak through everyday use. You could waste hours scrubbing away but why not save the elbow grease for wrapping all those Christmas presents and use local oven cleaning specialists to get your oven fighting-fit for the festive period.

Remember, maintenance makes economic sense. A well-cared for building will almost always retain maximum value and the cost of regular maintenance will more than repay itself whether or not you sell your property.

A small regular investment in maintenance can limit the need for or the extent of expensive repairs.

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