Daesh recruiter on trial in Spain

ISIS recruiter on trial in Spain
AUDIENCIA NACIONAL: (National Court) in Madrid Photo credit Wikimedia

ABDALLAH LACHIRI, the young Moroccan woman who was arrested for allegedly working as an ‘information activist’ for Daesh went on trial at the Spanish National Court in Madrid this week.

Lachiri was arrested in Patraix, Valencia in June 2016 and faces 10 years in prison if found guilty for the terrorist ‘propaganda, selection and recruitment’ actions with which she is charged.

She is alleged to have carried out these actions via social media, where she had 13 profiles and around 22,000 followers.

Lachiri, who worked in a supermarket on calle Corretgeria in the heart of Valencia, is accused of carrying out an “extraordinarily active” dissemination of messages.
Her role was allegedly to “facilitate the access of Daesh’s news between 2015 and 2016 and to disseminate it through comments on Facebook and Twitter,” according to the National Police’s detailed investigation into her online activity.

Lachiri shared videos on YouTube of Daesh attacks in both Syria and France and amongst the material seized from her house was a notebook with handwritten phrases such as: “Take me to the jihad.”

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