Jaguars born in Benidorm

Jaguars born in Benidorm
SEE YOU SOON: Visitors will be able to see the cubs from October 12 Photo credit Terra Natura Benidorm

THE Terra Natura Benidorm family keeps on growing as just last week, two baby jaguars were born to residents Grecia and Socorro.

The birth of the jaguars falls on the tenth anniversary since the last jaguar was born in the park, in 2007.

The jaguar – classed as a near threatened species – is part of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria’s European Endangered Species Breeding Programme (EEP). Grecia was pregnant for 93 days before giving birth – in some cases, mothers are pregnant for up to 105 days.

Sometimes, jaguars and other big cats reject their off spring but in this case, Terra Natura keepers report Grecia to be the “perfect” mother to her first litter of two female cubs, spending all day feeding them, grooming them and playing with them.

Most jaguars are tan or orange with distinctive black spots, dubbed “rosettes” because they are shaped like roses.

Some jaguars, like Grecia, are often mistaken for panthers as they are so dark they appear to be spotless, though their markings can be seen on closer inspection.

Terra Natura visitors will be able to see the cubs in the enclosure with their family from October 12 and the park will hold a competition for the public to name them.

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