Les Rotes parking cost halved

Parking cost halved
LES ROTES: Tourists descend on the area to enjoy the stunning coastline Photo credit YouTube

PARKING on the streets of Les Rotes became ‘residents only’ earlier this year and Les Rotes residents were told to apply for permits at an annual cost of €14.

The measure was implemented as parking in some parts of Les Rotes was prohibited and residents complained of being unable to find parking spaces as tourists descended on the area.

The local government recently announced that the cost to renew the resident’s permits has been halved to €7 from €14 for cars and renewal will be free for motorbikes, mopeds and bicycles.

Any residents applying for a new resident’s permit will still be required to pay €14.

The idea was to encourage tourists to park in the car parks, however some Les Rotes residents have complained that this has not happened and they are paying €14 a year and are still unable to find parking spaces from Easter through the high summer season.

Acting on the complaints, the local police ensured enforcement this summer and were seen issuing fines to non-obeying tourists of up to €200.

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