Los Boliches autumn trekking

Los Boliches autumn trekking

WALKING fans are in for a treat when the new urban hiking route opens in Los Boliches on November 11.

The event, which leaves from Plaza de San Rafael, costs €3 and sees walkers trek through Los Pacos, Torreblanca and Parque de Las Presas, covering eight kilometres.

Fuengirola’s Councillor for Sports, Pedro Cuevas, announced the route would start at 9am, explaining, “on November 11 we begin the urban trekking programme, which started last season, so that all our users and all Fuengirola residents who want to get involved get to find out about Fuengirola walking with the Department of Sports,” adding, “our technicians have designed a series of circuits where you can get in shape and enjoy everything that Fuengirola has to offer.”

Cuevas went on, “the route only costs €3 and participants will receive a t-shirt, pack of fruit and water; everything you need to walk the route.”  He added, “we will try to offer an urban route once every month so that by the end of the season you get to see all the tracks Fuengirola has on offer.”

Pedro Cuevas spoke about the event with a technician of the Department of Sports, Agustn Molina.  Molina commented, “we hope this activity will make people want to start doing a little sport and what better way to start than with walking, which is the healthiest form of exercise and always beneficial.  They will also have fun finding out about different places around the municipality which I think they will like.”

Registration for the event can be made at the Department of Sports, in the La Senda building, located in Calle Mallorca.  Alternatively, visit the website dorsalchip.com. The minimum age to participate in urban hiking routes is 12 years and children must be accompanied by an adult over 18, who must also be enrolled in the activity.

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