Luxury hotel proposal for historic battlements

PROPOSAL: Cartagena considering fort conversion into a hotel Photo credit: Twitter

RENOWNED architect José Manuel Chacón has presented a proposal to turn the famous fortification of Fajardo in Cartagena into a hotel.

His plans are part of a number of different proposals being collected by the city council to convert the iconic forts along the coast.  Another suggestion has been to convert the Fajardo into a youth hostel.

Back in 2008, Chacón applied to the Ministry of Defence for the appropriate permission to allow him to have access to the fort and draw up the original plans from which he has produced the design and presented to the Cartagena council this week.  “I don’t want the project to sleep in a drawer or throw it away, so I’ve brought it to the City Hall, in the hope it can be used,” he said.

His hotel project consists of between 30 and 50 rooms in 2,000m2 of land and would cost in the region of €3m to €3.5m.  “Cartagena needs hotels and above all, hotels with charm,” said the architect.

The fort is presently owned by the Ministry of Defence although procedures have been put in motion for the Cartagena council to assume control of any future renovations.

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