Malaga animal sanctuary opens

Malaga animal sanctuary opens
EXPENSIVE TASTE: The charity spends more than €5,000 per month on food.

AN ANIMAL sanctuary is Malaga has opened its door to the public to raise funds.

The Malaga Animals Society has hosted a day of activities including children’s workshops, a market, paella, cocktails and tours to help pay for its animals after collecting 1,251 between January and September.

The organisation took in 873 dogs, 291 cats and 89 other types of animals in that period, with food bills reaching more than €5,000 a month according to its president, Carmen Manzano.  Veterinary treatment, medicines and staff salaries also add up, brining the charity’s total monthly outgoings to more than €30,000.

Eighty dogs were returned to their owners this year after having their chips scanned, while 153 dogs and 40 cats were rehoused.  More than 900 animals remain in the shelter however.  Carmen Manzano praised volunteers for their “immense social work” in helping the charity, as well as explaining Malaga was “increasingly empathetic and respectful to animals.”

She also thanked Malaga Council for signing an agreement to help fund the shelter, increasing its funding by 40 per cent to €50,000 a year.

Meanwhile, in August a Torremolinos court granted the town council’s request to take part in the trial of Carmen Marin, former president of charity, Parque Animal.

Marin, who was previously sentenced to four years in prison for animal abuse and document forgery, faces a new trial accused of using charity funds to pay for a luxury lifestyle.

Parque Animal was run from 1998 to 2010 by the accused, until she was jailed after Guardia Civil officers found the bodies of dozens of animals in rubbish bins and freezers.  At her trial, the judge found Marin had made a “lucrative” business out of the charity, which benefitted from zero tax, and carried out “culling sessions” on a “massive and unjustified” scale.  Marin currently faces further charges of using the charity’s money to fund luxury travel, restaurant trips and cars.

At her latest trial, the judge said he believed Parque Animal paid out €104,382 to department stores, using the funds to reform and decorate her daughter’s beauty centre.  Marin is also accused of using public funds to pay for a lift in one of her buildings, supermarket purchases and car rental, after receiving tens of thousands of Euros from the council.

The Animal Park account, registered as a non-profit association, also served, according to the order, for Marín and his family to pay twenty practical classes in a driving school, fees in a gym, trips and meals in restaurants.

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