Malaga thief strikes bum note

Malaga thief strikes bum note
Caption: All of the recovered instruments Photo Credit: National Police

A CRAFTY burglar who broke into a music store in Malaga city and removed electric guitars and amplifiers has been arrested together with his accomplices.

The man made a hole in the ceiling (butrón) of the store and removed a large number of instruments and equipment and quickly passed them to accomplices (three men and a woman) who were instructed to sell them as second hand items to stores around the city at discounted prices.

Officers from the National Police established that a woman was trying to sell one of the guitars and then discovered other instruments in music stores around Malaga allowing them to establish the names of those involved and arrested them all for receiving stolen property or knowingly trying to sell it on.

The person responsible for the actual robbery was identified and he too was arrested with a total of seven electric guitars, three electric tuners, four guitar cases and an amplifier being recovered from various properties.

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