Marbella mosquito plague criticism

Marbella biting issue
Marbella biting issue

THE Marbella City Council has received criticism for failing to put in measures to stop the recent plague of mosquitoes.

The recent surge in the biting parasites is causing concern among Marbella residents, and has caused schools to recommend that parents apply repellent on their children before bringing them in. The number of people going to the emergency room as a result of mosquito bites has also risen.

According to local media sources, schools asked the city council to take action but were met with the response that it was “impossible to eradicate them.”

The city council’s reaction has prompted the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) to demand the authorities immediately launch “an awareness campaign and an urgent action plan to mitigate the plague of mosquitoes “.

PSOE councillor Ana Leschiera remarked the phenomenon is not uncommon given the time of the year and recent high temperatures, but agreed the council must act “as quickly as possible” to prevent it from becoming a problem for locals.

She stated that special measures should be put around swimming pools, which are the responsibility of the council, and citizens must be informed of the dangers of being in areas that have a high-concentration of water.

Leschiera also emphasised the importance of an awareness campaign and has advised household to get rid of containers that accumulate water in homes and gardens.

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