Marbella playground’s autumn clean

Marbella playground´s autumn clean
Workers clean up Marbella’s playgrounds

MARBELLA’S COUNCIL has undertaken a project to clean up the muncipality’s playgrounds.

The plan will cover 34 children’s playgrounds.Councillor for Cleaning, Diego Lopez, explained,”we are cleaning with non-harmful disinfectants and pressure hoses,” adding the project,” we intend to carry out the work regularly,” and explained, “over the last two years they had not been properly cleaned which poses a risk to the children using them.”

The playgrounds being cleaned are located in Vigil de Quiñones, Nagueles, La Constitucion, Terrazas del Puerto, Edifico Belmonsa, La Represa, Miraflores, La Torrecilla, Xarblanca, Maria Auxiliadora College, River Huelo, Las Albarizas, Corazon Sagrada, Manuel de Falla, San Enrique, Calle Los Naranjos, Avenida JoseIturbi, Calle Vazquez Clavel, Calle Antonio Lizarza, I and II Bullring, El Calvario, El Capricho, Bello Horizonte, La Patera , V Centenario, La Torrecilla, CalleSalduba, Calle Manuel de Falla, Calle Fernando VII and Calle Juanar.

Last month, alleged poor conditions at a playground in Torremolinos prompted outrage from locals after three people were injured when a swing collapsed in La Bateria Park.

Two girls and one woman were hurt in the incident, which left one of the girls in hospital with two leg injuries, while the other girl, aged 5, was treated for back pain.  Her mother was hit on the arm as she tried to stop the structure falling on the children and is now unable to move three of her fingers.

The woman explained, “it was a good thing I had instinctively put my arm up because the bar went directly towards the girls’ head.”

Police tape now seals off the swing-set while the girl’s mother says she is considering denouncing the town hall, claiming the set “was rotten inside”, adding, “after it came down we could see the condition of it and it is a shame.  If I had known before I would not have taken my daughter to the park.”

The council, however, claim the swing came down “because ten children were on it at the same time,” something which the mother denies, saying, “there were only four children on the attraction, it seems outrageous that they want blame them.”  Reportedly there are no signs in parks in Torremolinos warning of weight limits for the rides.

A trampoline was also sealed off by police, leaving the condition of several children’s parks up for debate at the council’s next meeting amid claims of splinters, rust and uneven ground.  Margarita del Cid, a spokeswoman for the Partido Popular (PP), said the “the deterioration of the parks” and says her party will ask “again a comprehensive review of all elements” of the facilities.

She claimed municipal workers “have on many occasions asked for tools to carry out the necessary work to keep the parks in perfect condition but have not received a reply.”

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