Marbella’s council supports market stall holders

Marbella´s council supports market stall holders
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MARBELLA’S Council has granted 685 trading licences to market stall owners around the municipality.

The move is designed to offer, “legal security” to the traders, according to Jose Eduardo Diaz, Councillor for Commerce.  He added the licences will also allow the council to organise the various market places better.

Councillor Diaz explained an investment of €60,000 would be made to put Marbella on the gastronomic map, by improving the Divina Pastora market with repairs to its ceiling and loading and unloading area.  He added other markets would be cleaned and have paving replaced.

In addition, the council will now hold monthly meetings with traders to discuss any issues they want to raise.

The project comes after councils on the Costa del Sol have been trying to find solutions to the problem of illegal traders selling fake goods.

In August it was revealed Benalmadena Council had launched a campaign in collaboration with the Department of Commerce to prevent illegal street vending.

The town’s Mayor, Victor Navas, revealed a series of leaflets in several languages had been distributed in the most heavily visited tourist areas raising awarenss of the problem.  He explained, “we are aware that illegal street vending is a social problem and we think it is vital to involve residents and tourists in finding a solution, because illegal vending does not benefit the seller or the buyer.”

Mayor Navas said the council is considering a series of proposals to counteract the practice, inclusing setting up legal markets.

The same month, Malaga Council installed an authorised tobacconist to crack down on the problem of illegal tobacco vending. The retailer, located in the Real de la Feria, has attracted large crowds of smokers, although some illegal street vendors continue to trade, according to media reports.

Head of Security at Malaga Council, Mario Cortes, said although not many police officers are brought in to deal with the problem, more measures have been put in place to stop the sale of illegal tobacco this year, leading to 200 packets of cigarettes being confiscated.

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