Marina Alta health centre staffing a cause for concern

Health centre staffing a cause for concern
PLEDGE TO HELP: Gonzalez has promised to do all she can to improve staffing levels Photo credit Ondara Ayuntamiento

DIRECTOR GENERAL of the High Health Inspectorate of the Consolleria de Sanidad Isabel Gonzalez visited the various health centres across the Marina Alta this week.

Gonzalez has been inspecting the health centres together with her team, taking note of any deficiencies or any potential breaches by concessionaire Marina Salud.

On Tuesday, she visited the health centre in Ondara on Avenida Marina Alta and was concerned over staffing levels.

Gonzalez met with the health centre’s general managers, together Ondara Mayor Jose Ramiro and other members of Ondara council.

She heard how staffing levels are at an all-time low, with no provisions in place to cover staff when they are on annual leave or sick.

There is only one paediatrician at the health centre attending to over 1,400 children – 400 children more than the recommend maximum of 1,000 per paediatrician.

Ondara health centre’s paediatrician also provides cover at other health centres across the Marina Alta.

Gonzalez also heard how Ondara health centre alternates emergency services with El Verger health centre – with both centres having made repeated requests for more staff.

She will present the findings to the Consolleria de Sanidad and has promised to do all she can to improve staffing levels.

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