Master chef courses in Los Boliches

Master chef courses in Los Boliches
Master chef courses in Los Boliches Photo Credit: Pxhere

A COOKING course for young people in Los Boliches is open for registration until October 30.

The workshop, aimed at 16 to 29-year-olds, has been put together by Fuengirola’s Department for Promotion and Development and hopes to get more young people jobs in the catering sector.

The department’s Councillor, Carmen Diaz, explained the cooking course is one of several initiatives designed to reach around 90 people under 30, the cooking workshop itself has room for 15 people.

This course will take place in the kitchen of Edificio Colores and will teach 805 hours of theoretical classes and 100 hours of practical classes, as well as offering cross training with other subjects and modules of English.

The course will begin in November and is open to those aged 16 to 29 who are registered in the National Youth Guarantee System. The training programmes open to young people this autumn include restaurant service, life guard training, kitchen preparation, building websites, building flooring and sports training.

This project is subsidised by the European Social Fund and co-financed by Fuengirola Council, with Europe providing €295,133.89  and the council €26,047.84.

The council also plans to open a training scheme aimed at  aged over 30 next year.

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