Murcia tram graffiti teenagers caught red handed

Tram graffiti teenagers caught red handed
GERMANY: Trams across Europe are a target for graffiti artists and vandals Photo credit: Wikimedia

TWO TEENAGE children have been arrested in the Churra area of Murcia in relation to incidents on a local tram line.

According to the local police in Murcia, the youths aged 15 and 16 had placed stones and wooden planks across the tram tracks to make the vehicle stop so they could then daub graffiti all over it.  The driver spotted the obstacles at the last minute as they were flat on the tracks and managed to bring the tram to a halt but not before he hit him.

DANGEROUS: The offending wood that stopped the tram in its tracks.
Photo credit: Policia Local

Police say that there was no damage to the train and nobody on board suffered any injuries.

The teenagers were caught thanks to a combination of recordings taken from security cameras and the statement from the driver.  When approached in Juan de Borbón they had paint spray cans with them.  The 15-year old was taken to his home address where his parents were told that proceedings would be put in place for them to pay damages.  The 16-year-old was initially held in custody for being aggressive toward the police when caught before being taken home.

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