Police arrest ‘voodoo’ human traffickers

RITUALS: Women subjected to rituals to induce fear and compliance Photo credit: Flickr

NATIONAL POLICE have arrested a number of people – one in Torrevieja – for allegedly using voodoo rituals.

The gang of three, all from Nigeria, allegedly conned their female victims with offers of work that never existed.  The other two suspects were detained in Madrid and in Torija (Guadalajara) and included the gang leader.   During the arrests, police were also able to free one of the alleged victims of the crimes.

The police statement said that the arrested men had tempted the vulnerable and poor women who lived in Nigeria with promises of a paradise of well paid employment in Europe.  Once they agreed, they were subjected to voodoo rituals where they were forced to swear their loyalty to the men and promised to pay off the expenses incurred for their travel. Failure to do so would result in them and their families left behind in Nigeria suffering torture and even death

The women were transported into Spain via Libya and then into Italy which although being the riskiest and cheapest route was the fastest way they could begin working and paying off the debt.

To enable the estimated €30,000 of debt incurred, the women were forced to work as prostitutes every hour of every day and to hand over the money to their controllers.  Profits were allegedly sent back to Nigeria to fund future human trafficking and to fund the exorbitant lifestyles the gang members had established for themselves.

During a search of a property in Torrevieja, maps, accounts, computer equipment and a number of mobile phones were seized and taken away for analysis.

Any information about human trafficking for sexual exploitation can be reported anonymously and confidentially by calling 900 105 090 or email [email protected]

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