Positive trend in freelance registrations continue

SELF EMPLOYED: Murcia just behind Madrid in September registrations Photo credit: Pixabay

THE REGION of Murcia is showing a positive increase in the number of people registering for Social Security payments via the Spanish autonomo (freelance and self-employed) system.  Figures for the month of September just released show an increase of 721 – an average of 24 new registrations per day – and taking the overall number to 96,532.

Murcia’s rise of 0.75 per cent is only just behind that of Madrid and compares favourably to the 0.42 per cent increase across Spain as a whole.  The upward trend is also in positive territory over a 12 month period with Murcia showing a growth in autonomos of 1.33 per cent.  Spain overall is 0.97 per cent.

Figures for last September showed only 395 new freelancers registered in the region compared to almost double that number – 721 – for the same month in 2017, and made this September the second highest increase in registrations for one month since April 2016…the highest ever recorded.

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