Preventing domestic abuse

Preventing domestic abuse
Tamara Vera sits in on a workshop

MIJAS COUNCIL has announced a project to prevent gender violence.

The initiative, titledMake love worth it, is being taught as a workshop in local school IES La Vega de Mijas with the aim of promoting and raising awareness for gender equality education from a gender perspective.

The Councillor for Youth, Tamara Vera, visited the school where the course was being taught over a week.   She explained the workshop seeks to raise awareness among young people about possible discrimination, encourage the change of beliefs and attitudes, as well as promote teamwork, volunteeringand creativity.

Councillor Vera explained,the Department of Youth is in constant contact with other administrations to offer Mijas as many resources as possible to benefit of our young people,” adding the workshops, “are part of the council’s work throughout the year to prevent domestic abuse and promote respectful and healthy relationships.”

The workshop will focus on the concept of romantic love, gender roles, types of gender violence, types of relationships, emotional education, self-esteem, conflict resolution and nonviolent communication.  One of the group’s monitors, Sole Enciso, explained, “this time we are focussing on positive aspects and lettingsomeone know what they want in a relationship and whata healthy relationship is.” She added,”one of the aspects which we work most on is jealousy, how to identify it and understanding it is not a good thing, as well as aspects such as the right to privacy and social networks, so relevant today among young people.”

The Department of Youthhas encouraged all young people to get involvedin the workshops and “keep in touch with the department for information on healthy leisure activities,” adding, “prevention is essential to eradicating domestic abuse, especially amongst young people.”

The class is not the only one teaching tolerance in Mijas.  The council has put on two courses promoting LGTBI rights in the last several weeks, one aimed at council workers and the other at police officers.

Mari Carmen Carmona, Councillor for Equality, explained, “the main objective of the department is to draw attention to those people who suffer hate crimes because they have a different sexual orientation or because they were born with a gender that does not belong to them.”  She added, “it is essential to train police or state security forces, as they see hate crimes and discrimination, which is what we will focus on.  The Department of Equality is placing special emphasis on the LGTBIQ community because it is most affected by these cases.”

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