Prison for accountant guilty of attempting to defraud the tax man

Prison for dodgy accountant
SEND HIM DOWN: The accountant had already appealed the decision made last year Photo credit Pixabay

ALICANTE PROVINCIAL COURT sentenced an accountant from l’Alfas del Pi to six months in prison for attempting to defraud the treasury.

The court heard how the accused and a client of his – an appliance store – falsified expenses amounting to €82,839 – across nine fake invoices from a third company with which they both had a business relationship.

The investigation began in 2011 when the owner of the third company was sanctioned for not declaring the €82,839 profits in his quarterly accounts.

The owner of the third company proved that the nine fake invoices had never been raised.

The accountant appealed the sentence – which was originally handed down by a court in Benidorm in September 2016 – but the judge ruled this week that there is “more than enough evidence” to prove his part in the crime.

The Provincial Court ruled that, although the accountant was not the “obliged party to pay the taxes”, he is charged on the basis he “was the party responsible for doing transactions with the treasury.”

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