Promoting and protecting

Promoting and protecting
GET INVOLVED: Councillors presented the OBMAR guide and the coastal clean event Photo credit Denia Ayuntamiento

CONSCIOUS that the passage of dolphins and whales off its coast is one of the main environmental assets of the municipality, Denia has decided to take one step further in promoting and protecting its marine phenomenon.

The Town Hall presented a new guide – ‘OBMAR’ – aimed at boat crews, advising what to do if they spot the cetaceans, including respecting a 60-metre distance and not crossing their path.

The guide comes after representatives of Projecte Rurcual including Eduard Degollada, head of, visited the Marina de Denia to discuss how to prevent more dolphins and whales being killed as they collide with boats entering and exiting the marina.

The Department of Environment has also organised a huge coastal clean operation on Sunday October 15, which all members of the community are invited to particpate in.

A similar event was held last year and over 300 volunteers turned out to help collect 325 kilograms of waste – including 198 kilograms of plastic, 111 kilograms of metal, 7 kilograms of glass and 6 kilograms of cardboard.

The Department of Environment hopes to equal or exceed those figures this year.

Volunteers will be deployed along the most emblematic points of the coast, from les Deveses round to the coast of Javea.

Groups will be organised on a logistical basis – whilst some areas are relatively easy to access, others can only be accessed by kayak and in some areas, volunteers will be required to hold a diving licence.

If you would like to help, email – [email protected] or call 965 780 100, extension 2011.

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